From a decade of daily experience in technical support on all products comes the knowledge of these products and their full potentiality.

We have a good knowledge of the detached Antifuse (now discarded by design), and the brand new SmartFusion as well; where the analog, logic and microprocessor parts are merged into a single component. T2 Engineering, as LaTecnikadue partner in distribution and sales, is constantly involved in a wide range of projects. In addition, the policy of low project costs, will highly encourage the end-user to choose  products. From the logic implementation of the system, using the small components spread (such as A3PN010 cutting), to the complex applications built with micro and FPGA, T2 Engineering is always available for the final pourposes evaluation you may need. Thanks to the FAE service dedicated to Microsemi products, we can assist all the customers with our component-specific support, in addition to the right technical choices needed for any EMI / EMC approval. Our experience made with a wide range of european companies gives us the right skills rquired for any TMB needs.