Try to see up close the solution Actel's SmartFusion / Microsemi ( and you will discover that in order to complete your project you need to add only the printed circuit board and the desire to try to innovate your projects with our solutions!


From a single component can have:


Microcontroller Unit

- Micro Cortex-M3 32-bit 100Mhz up to 512KB Flash / 64KB Ram

- Bus Master 5, 8 Bus slave parallel operations for real-time

- 8-channel DMA

- Ethernet MAC 10/100

- Serial SPI, UART 16550, I2C

- External bus addresses 26-bit 16-bit data

- Up to 41 digital I / O dedicated

- WDOG integrated with various configurations of alarm

- Regulator power for the generation of the core voltage 1.5 V

- Power on reset control


Unit Analog

- Up to 3 S / H type 12-bit SAR 500KSPS

- Up to 3 DAC outputs 12-bit sigma delta 600KSPS

- Up to 32 analog inputs dedicated

- Bipolar Inputs + / - 12V

- Inputs for measuring current

- Inputs for temperature measurements

- Up to 10 programmable threshold comparators with internal

- Unit pre process for complex management of acquisition sequences

- Unit of post-processing of samples for automatic digital filtering



- Up to 500Kgate in Flash technology with low consumption (up to 11,520 Flip flop of type D)

- PLL dedicated up to 3 frequencies generated from single source

- DPRAM FIFO or up to 24 blocks of 4608 bits each (user configurable)

- Up to 128 dedicated I / O FPGA


And of course the possibility of reprogramming both the content of the FPGA directly with the micro-board, both the FW on Flash.

Security ABSOLUTE content both micro and FPGA


And again:

Synthesizer VHDL / Verilog: Free

ModelSim simulation tool: Free

Compiler + debugger: Free

# IP for FPGA components: Free

Direct technical support: Free

Probe debugging and programming to 45 €

Complete Starter Kit HW to 79 €

Application notes, sample project VHDL and C for reference designs: Free